Monday, July 20, 2009

Future Leaders: Examples of Our Students' Work

Our students are really starting to catch on to the whole newspaper idea, so we wanted to share some of their work with everyone! Our students wrote the following articles after they chose a topic that is important to them. They also took pictures to go along with their articles and helped one another to translate the articles. The students are currently working on editing (which they really enjoy doing, as crazy as that sounds) so these articles have not been edited. Enjoy! And feel free to be impressed- we are, but maybe we are a little biased towards our learners. : )

Our Community Health Clinic
(Newspaper Section: Health)
By: Joanne Bopape

At our place [segwashi]there is a clinic but is too far from where we are staying.If you are ill,you can even die on a way to a clinic because is a long distance with sloppy and gravel road.There is a mobile clinic that comes once per month to help those who are unable to get to the main clinic.The mobile clinic operxates in a nearby pre-school.In helps those who are ill and to prevent-P.T.O infants against polio,measles and cholera,It also helps with family planning and prevent people against coughs and other diseases.My with is to have a nearby clinic sothat we may not suffer when we are ill and not to pay too much money to go to the clinic.

Soul Buddyz
(Newspaper Section: Health)
By: Ntswaki Manganye

The name of MMaweshi soul buddyz is Mmaweshi soul buddyz club. We started our soul buddyz at 04 septermber 2007. In soul buddyz we make songs, fun, and a HIV/AIDS drama. With soul buddyz we need to protect our community,school and our friend’s. To those who have HIV/AIDS we want to send this massege to them they must be free where ever they are and even they are with people who are HIV negative they must be free every where. What they must know is that we love them wherenever they are HIV posetiv or not they must be free every where.

Katane Primary School Rook Destroyed in Storm
(Newspaper Section: School)
By: Lydia Mamabolo

The day i will never forget.

It was on tuesday June 2009 at the midnight when our school is distroyed by the wind.We have been suprised in the morning when we came to school we got our school distroyed.all of us we have shoked.because of distroyingof our school all pupils where scared to attend our subject by the way school was looked.the dicision that our principal was tooked is to reported to the medla.thobela fm our hope is that.government can support our school.the one thing that i thank to god is there is no one.damege of our paricular.and there is no injuries.

(Newspaper Section: Sports)
By: Virginia Mogashoa

in my school has the ground of girl.She play a netball onwednesday every after school only.every wednesday ladies play netball after the ground only ladies play,there is on space for boys. our ground is not good as it is sloppy and has gravel.we need it fo be paved. the ground is near the school.

Lack of Teachers at Mmaweshi Primary School
(Newspaper Section: Sports)
By: Sara

our school is running in short of teachers or educater, and therr is also a lack of education,because of this proble.
We have only two teachers running four(4) classes,from grader to grade7 and there are d more leaners will of leaners.
when one of the teachers is absent we dont have lessons classes we are sent to our home..
as learners we were thinking maybe it could it be if our circuit management could send us some teachers for the sake of gaining pure and safe knowlledge.
if we could have five or more educator we could be able to improve our Vocabularies and our studies as well as our knowledge.
Andmore leaners will come to attend school at Mmaweshi Primary School,because theyn will be noticing our improve ment, toward education.
Next time we will be working and successfully and will thank all the teachers who helped us to gain knowledge while we were growing.
we wish our dreams of having teachers atour school,could be blessed and come true one day.
we will be greatfully to wake up one day and enter the school,and being introduced to new educator.

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