Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Metz Grant:
We were awarded $5000 by the IU Student Foundation Metz Grant in order to purchase 200 individual solar panels for the laptops. These solar panels will allow us to move away from the unsustainable generators that we installed last year as the student's primary source of power. The generators are not very efficient as they require gas to be delivered to them each week. Because they are installed at the schools and many children do not have power sources at home, the students could only use their laptops at school, which greatly cut down on the time that they could spend learning and exploring. The individual solar panels will allow children to use their laptops at home for more hours, and they are more cost efficient and sustainable in the long run.

IU Student Association:
We were awarded $4900 by the IU Student Association to subsidize our flight costs to South Africa and Rwanda.

Individual Grants:
Carolyn and Gordon were each awarded $2000 from the IU Hutton Honors College International Experience Grant and Savanah was awarded $2500 from the IU Hutton Honors College Professional Experience Internship Grant. These grants will subsidize the cost of transportation and accomodations.

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